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Inspection Courses

Reinforced Concrete:
›› Batch Plant
›› Concrete II
›› Concrete Intensive
›› Pre/Post-Tension
›› Shotcrete Intro.
›› Shotcrete Recert.

Steel & Welding:

›› Steel & Welding I
›› Steel & Welding II
›› Steel & Welding Intensive

Masonry Inspection

Ultrasonic Technician
›› Certification Program

Magnetic Particle Testing Level II

Special Inspector Certification Renewal

Lateral Framing Special Inspection

Proprietary Anchors Inspection

Plan Reading

›› In-Place Density
›› Embankment and Base
›› Aggregate
›› Asphalt II

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Northwest Council of Engineering Labs
Inspector Training Program

To register for upcoming courses, please send:
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NWCEL courses: Via email to: thanh@nwcel.org

WAQTC courses: Via email to: bob@nwcel.org

Instructions and registration forms located under their courses.

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Northwest Council of Engineering Labs
Inspector Training Program
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