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Special Inspector

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Inspection Courses

Reinforced Concrete:
›› Batch Plant
›› Concrete II
›› Concrete Intensive
›› Pre/Post-Tension
›› Shotcrete Intro.
›› Shotcrete Recert.

Steel & Welding:

›› Steel & Welding I
›› Steel & Welding II
›› Steel & Welding Intensive

Masonry Inspection

Ultrasonic Technician
›› Certification Program

Magnetic Particle Testing Level II

Special Inspector Certification Renewal

Lateral Framing Special Inspection

Proprietary Anchors Inspection

Plan Reading

›› In-Place Density
›› Embankment and Base
›› Aggregate
›› Asphalt II

Upcoming Courses

Proprietary Anchors
Saturday, Jan 27th, 2018
Renton Technical College

WAQTC Ashpalt II
Saturday, Feb 3rd, 2018
Lake Washington Technical Institute

Lateral Framing Special Inspectionss
Tuesday's, March 20th thru May 8th, 2018, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Redmond Community Center