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Reinforced Concrete:
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Steel & Welding:

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Masonry Inspection

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Magnetic Particle Testing Level II

Special Inspector Certification Renewal

Lateral Framing Special Inspection

Proprietary Anchors Inspection

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Special Inspector: Certification Renewal

Special Inspection Recertification Seminar

Description: 8.5 hour seminar on Special Inspection satisfies WABO continuing education requirements for renewal of reciprocal licenses (PL, PA, SC, LF).


Structural Steel Inspection

Seismic Force Resisting Systems: Protected Zones. What constitutes a protected zone and what are they? Bolting: Changes to the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC) Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts. AISC Manual 15th Edition - Latest revision changes and high points, as well as AWS D1.1:2020.

Masonry - Construction and Inspection

This session will cover inspection, construction, movement joints, cold/hot/wet weather construction, reinforcing steel, quality assurance, mortar, grout, concrete block, clay brick and the 2018 IBC.

Reinforced Concrete Inspection including Shotcrete and Post-Tensioning

The following topics will be covered in this session: Reinforced Concrete relevant codes; loads and stresses; ASTM Method; hot and cold weather concreting; reinforcing steel identification; sizes and grades; placement requirements; post-tensioning (encapsulation systems and issues, stud rails in lieu of drop caps or grillage) and shotcrete (good nozzling techniques, working around Mira-drain and other waterproofing membranes).

Proprietary Anchors

Proprietary Anchor inspection requirements from 2018 IBC, ACI 318R-14 (Chapter 17), review ACI/CRSI installer certification program, ICC ESR Evaluation Report, and Torque test requirements.

Lateral Framing Special Inspection

Lumber decking, Lateral-Force-Resisting Systems, Wood Diaphragms, Nail Patterns, Anchor Bolts & Plate Washers, Cold Formed Steel Light Frame Construction.


2018 IBC updates: Fire Resistance Rating of Structural Members - Chapter 7, Section 704
Review: AWCI Technical Manuals 12-A & 12-B.


2018 IBC, ASTM E2174 On Site Inspection of Installed Fire Stops, ASTM E2393 On Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Joint Systems & Perimeter Fire Barriers. Inspection process, importance of pre-Construction / pre-planning. Industry challenges.

Chapter 17 Special Inspections and Tests

2015 IBC, sections 1704 Special Inspection and 1705 Required Special Inspections and Tests (including tables).

For question, contact Thanh Kieu at (253) 230-8539 or email thanh@aartesting.com.