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Reinforced Concrete: Concrete II

Reinforced Concrete II

This course is intended to follow the Concrete Placement/Batch Plant Inspector course and will cover the International Building Code and the workmanship and general placement of reinforcing steel in concrete.

Topics will include:
• Reinforcing steel identification
• Sizes and grades
• Code requirements
• Placement requirements and practices
• Plan reading
• Practical field inspections and procedures
• Post tensioning reinforcement requirements
• Attachments of wood
• SS and RM to RC
• Practices and placement within various concrete structures.

Materials needed:
- 2012 IBC
- ACI 318-11
- ASTM standards A615-04 and A706-05
- 3 ring binder with paper for taking notes
- pens and pencils
- calculator

Cost:   determined based on enrollment

To register:  Send student name and lab to Nikki Blase at nikki@nwcel.org.